Saturday, May 30, 2009

show your bones

quick character, brunswick st, fitzroy this afternoon..was good to get my squirt on again

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

mays lane. alpha crew

i is for itch.detail of alpha crew production

mushroom hunt with exit

mushroom hunt.
exit & itch 2007

One love

a bussy offers tea towel assistance in a seratonin soaked situation.
revolver nightclub.2008

Quick way out

suggestive self help wall for connex customers. brunswick station 2008

alpha crew timelapse

timelapse of an alpha production.
itch - kid zoom - drewfunk,
melbourne 2008
film: isore collective

illzilla - cut feet

illzilla - cut feet

this filmclip was formed last year in collusion with isore productions and deam (awol crew),
was a heap of fun throwing paint around for a few days, all great guys to work with and
the band is dope too

Art: itch/deam
Production: callum cooper/hugh jenkins @ isore productions


Good day weary internaut!,
much thanks for finding my small outpost amongst the maelstrom of the collective digital dreamscape. ill start off by posting some of my archived artworks, walls, exhibitions etc
to get rolling and then will revert to a chronological style of posting once ive
milked the archives.